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This two-day family fun festival, will be the largest organized Festival in Staten Island, New York and one of the largest community events in all of Richmond County.


√The celebration of African Cultural Heritage

√The enjoyment of African Music


√Fashion Show




√The Display of African / Africa Related merchandise by vendors

√The enjoyment of authentic African cuisines



The main goal of this festival is:

○ To unite Africans in Diaspora
○ To promote African Arts & Culture
○ To celebrate African heritage
○ To appreciate all people
○ To develop our community
○ To encourage our brothers & sisters
○ To listen to each other
○ To make this festival an annual event.

The festival will feature live music and other form of entertainment. The vendor-sponsored food gallery will highlight the best authentic African products, restaurants and eateries in the Tri-State area. There will be canopies where attendees can enjoy their food and soak in the atmosphere.


There will also be children’s games, dance competition and, as well as face-painting.

The best part about the festival is that it is FREE!

For sponsors this means a large turn-out, with a happy crowd that is anxious to support those that support their community.

If you are a musician or know of any musician interested in performing,  Let's Talk.​

"This type of event has been missing in Staten Island since I've been living here..........all my life. At 42 years old, I still can't believe it's actually about to happen. I guess dreams do come true! You better believe that I will be there with my family, friends and my co-workers. Thanks to the Nigerian-American Community Associations and all the others involved, for their efforts ------------Janet Harris (School Teacher) 


Wow! Finally! Some of us who were born in this country but always feels that deep connection to the motherland can finally celebrate with our brothers and sisters - Glory be to God almighty  ____________ Mrs. Esther Williams (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn)


Every human being should support this event. As a white American, it is my believe that we are all part of a bigger family because we are all God's children and the only race that actually matters nowadays should be the human race. I will be there with my children and will enjoy ourselves. We love all our brothers and sisters regardless of cultural background or heritage. ____________Becky Schuffield (Brooklyn, NY)


I'm in. I will be there ___________ Adeola Adebayo


Salaam. Africa forever. I will be there to help you guys out _________ Hajia Fatou 

Thank you for the festival! Let's Go.....We are ready __________Hamed Sekou

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